What To Avoid When Purchasing A Timeshare

Purchasing a timeshare can be an affordable way to ensure that you and your loved ones get the vacation you need every year, but there are plenty of horror stories online about why timeshares are the equivalent of flushing your money down the toilet. It’s true that timeshares aren’t for everyone. Some people even struggle later on to get a timeshare cancellation for a space they aren’t using. But just like there things can go terribly for some people, things can also go very well. The key is knowing what to avoid.

So how do you avoid timeshare nightmares? You first have to realize when you’re being scammed. There are a handful of scams that salespeople will utilize in order to sell you something, and selling timeshares is no different. If you get a phone call saying you’ve won a timeshare, asking you to buy a timeshare, or offering to sell the timeshare you already have, just put the phone down. It’s never true. Telephone sales are in such decline that listening past the first introductory lines of a random stranger trying to convince you of something is a waste of time. Just hang up.

timeshare cancellation

If you get sucked into an hour long presentation with a salesperson regaling you with reasons you should purchase a timeshare, you should leave. Sure, there’s an off chance that this guy is selling the real thing. But there are more legitimate and safer ways to purchase something.

If you really want a timeshare, make sure you do your research. Don’t listen to a salesperson after one pitch. Read all of the fine print. Scan that contract meticulously. Find anything and everything that will go wrong. Research the company behind the sales and the timeshare. Be wary of scams in the mail or online. Be smart about your purchases.