Food Display Is All About Psychology

food service display

What makes one dish more appealing than another? It comes down to emotion. In fact, it is all about the senses. Sight and smell tend to be the first senses involved, it might smell wonderful but the sight can be enough to put someone off from the beginning. (Think of tripe – without even knowing what it is, some people can reject it out of hand just as a response to what it looks like.

Once we decide that we will eat something, we begin to anticipate. We think of the times we have had this in the past and remember how good it tasted. Before we have even put the first forkful into our mouths the brain has already sent expectations to our taste buds and we are about to be pleased or disappointed.

Food must look attractive

Professionals who lay out dishes on a food service display know how to position individual ingredients to the best effect. There is nothing casual about what is placed where. In the first place, the entire display is set out to please.

The next step is to move people through the bar in a way which makes sense, which is why plates are at one end and desserts at the other.

Then dishes will be placed in such a way as to entice people to try things they otherwise might not have. You will often see at the usual things you would expect and then there’s something new in there which would also be a good complement to a main dish.

Even hearing makes a difference

If you hear others talking about food you are more likely to taste it or not depending on their report. Food does fuel the body, but it also stimulates the mind.